1. Our long overdue honeymoon…

    So, after 10 months of being husband and wife,we suddenly had a week off at the same time. While my husband was busy planning to spend the time on his computer, working as usual.. I formulated a speech in my head to convince him there’s no better time than now, to go on our honeymoon.

    You see, I had always envisioned a nice romantic stroll along the cobbled streets of Paris,hand in hand with my man while nibbling on a macaron as the perfect honeymoon..but he had other ideas.

    The next thing I knew I was on board Druk Airlines, on my way to Ping’s dream destination….Bhutan! But from the moment we landed right to this minute, I still cannot believe how utterly beautiful that little country is.

    I would, in a heart beat,now trade the Eiffel Towelfor a glimpse of the Himalayas, trade strolling with a printed scarf around my neck with a pair of hiking pants, and even coffee with for a glass of hot butter tea called Suja.

    I learnt a lot about myself and our marriage in Bhutan, and after all the trekking and hiking and encouraging each other to carry on when things got a bit too steep, and finally making it to the top..I cant help but think how similar our climbing is to the story of our relationship.

    Thank you to all the wonderful people we met there like Tashi, Sonam, and the amazing staff at Amankora, the farmers, Monks and adorable little children who talked, smiled, laughed and showed us what life is all about.


  2. The Passing of the Greatest Singer Of All Time.

    I am so utterly heartbroken to learn about the passing of the greatest voice of all time and my most beloved singer Whitney Houston. My brother broke the news to me early today while I was driving and I couldn’t stop crying. I can hardly believe this. 

    I remember when I was about 5, I heard this voice on the radio singing ‘Saving All My Love For You’ and just like that- i was hooked on her and her music..and that’s still my favorite song of all time. 

    Everyone knows what she went through in recent years..but I’d like to remember her when she was at her peak. She was so beautiful, so confident, so talented and so charismatic.

    I am extremely upset. My heard goes out to her family. I will always love you Whitney. Now be at peace.


  3. Anugerah Juara Lagu is an award show for the Best Song of the year. It is the country’s biggest entertainment event watched by millions live on TV3 and through live streaming. This year marked my 8th time hosting the show..and yet still I get jittery in the days leading up to the event.

    We tweaked the script a hundred times, discussed extra info just in case something unpredictable happens on stage, rehearsed with the team till the early hours of the morning and stressed about everything else from worrying if the audience will have a good time watching, to what we’ll be wearing.

    In the end, everything was perfect. The results were satisfactory,production was flawless,we had the highest ratings in the History of AJL- 6.5 Million viewers, and most importantly- everyone had fun. I absolutely love the team at TV3..and not to mention my hilarious co host Faizal Ismail. So proud to be a part of it all.